Plugin Detection

Plugin detection within the player framework allows the Enhanced Media Player to select the appropriate player based on the available formats of the media and the capabilities of the browser. The below table details the different types of media that can play in each player.

Flash HTML5 Quicktime Windows Media Silverlight
.H264 MPEG4 Video Yes Yes1 Yes No No
Flash Video (FLV) Yes No No No No
Quicktime Video (MOV) No No Yes No No
Windows Media Video (WMV) No No No Yes Yes
WebM Video No Yes1 No No No
OGG Theora Video (OGV) No Yes1 No No No
  1. Dependant on browser. .h264 MPEG4 video plays natively in Safari, Mobile Safari, IE9 and Chrome (Support in Chrome will be removed at a later date).
    WebM video plays in both Firefox and Chrome, with support in IE9 via a plugin.
    Ogg Theora video plays in Firefox and Chrome.

Fallback Process

The Enhanced Media Player will attempt to play media items in each player in the following order: Flash, native browser video (HTML5), Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Silverlight. This allows media to be played in our fully featured Flash player first, before falling back to alternative content. If you wish to specify the player format, you can do so by passing in a PlayerFormat in your embed options.